Terms and Conditions 

These Terms & Conditions apply to all Brilliant Group customers

1.0 Intellectual Property & Copyright:  

1.1 All content published by Brilliant Group is copyright protected and the intellectual property of Brilliant Group Ltd.  

1.2 As a Brilliant Group customer (or any individual or organisation who has been given access to our content), you agree that you will only use our content for your own personal use.  You will not share your unique log on details to a third party or copy or distribute our content any other way.  

1.3 Any suspicion that your personal log on details are being used by more than one person will result in your account being immediately suspended with no refund given.  

1.4  Brilliant Group reserves the right to take legal action against any breach of copyright and abuse of intellectual property.

2.0  Seven Day Money Back Guarantee:

2.1 Brilliant Group customers will be provided with a full refund within 7 days of subscribing to our course if the following conditions are met:

2.2 The customer notifies Brilliant Group by email within 7 days of making their purchase

2.3 And the customer has not progressed to step 3 of the course.  

3.0 Reasonable Expectations or Results & Limited Liability

3.1 Whilst in the clear majority of cases, Brilliant Group courses make a noticeable positive impact on performance, we can in no way guarantee success for all customers.  

3.2  Brilliant Group provides training and learning opportunities, refunds can not be given if a customer does not achieve the results expected from joining the program.

3.3  Brilliant Group can not be held liable for any injury or loss in anyway connected with any of the training received through our course.

4.0  Feedback, complaints or enquiries.  

4.1  Brilliant Group welcomes customer feedback, please contact us in the first instance using either the email address on our website or our customer services telephone number.

5.0  Time Limits

5.1  On enrolling on the Brilliant Golf programme, this entitles you access to the course material, videos, presentations and your answers for 6 months. On reaching the 6 month expiry date your user login details will no longer be valid.

5.1  In time, there will be a subscription that allows your login details to remain valid, and to extend your entitlement and access to the Brilliant Golf programme.

6.0  Confidentiality

6.1  Any information inputted onto your personal dashboard or area is completely confidential. It will only be seen by the student and will not be used by the site owners.

6.2  After membership expires, all information will be deleted.


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